How to deliver samples

Clients on OSU Main Campus

Samples can be delivered directly to the Facility (white refrigerator by entrance) in room 420 Biological Sciences Building at 484 W 12th Ave during normal hours (9:00am to 5:00pm) or to one of the remote locations below.

All remote locations are common areas that have refrigerated receptacles with the Facility name on them. All buildings are accessible during normal university hours which are generally 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Please place the DNA sequencing samples (tubes or plates) and a copy of the order form in a small plastic bag before placing them in the refrigerator. All samples placed in refrigerator prior to 8:00 am will be transferred to the Facility for the start of processing that same day.

List of Remote Locations

  1. Main Campus, South: Room 459, Biological Sciences Building (common equipment room), 484 West 12th Avenue
  2. Main Campus, North:  Across from Room 2139M and elevator, Physics Research Building, (Hallway area), 191 West Woodruff Ave
  3. West Campus: Loading Dock Bay, Rightmire Hall (loading dock on lower level; south side of the building), 1060 Carmack Road
  4. Ag Campus:  Room 484, Kottman Hall (common equipment room), 2021 Coffey Road

Clients not on OSU Main campus

For all samples we recommend overnight shipping services due to the speed and ability to track the package.  Whenever packages are sent by overnight courier assume it will travel by airplane regardless of origin or destination as this is almost always the case.  There is no requirement for a specific vendor as many provide good service, and all vendors have been documented to deliver damaged packages as well.

For individual tubes, the samples can be sent at ambient temperature. Please label each tube clearly with the sample name, and wrap the cap with parafilm to prevent the lid from coming open during transit as a result of pressure changes during the air flight and physical jostling.  All tubes should have a soft protective layer, such as bubble wrap, securely wrapped around them and placed inside of a box taped closed. The shipping container can be a box or envelope, i.e. cardboard or tyvek. Please note that the tubes routinely sent without the precautions above arrive smashed, cracked, open and/or empty. Properly prepared DNA is stable at ambient temperatures, and arrives in good condition with typical overnight delivery. Some clients successfully send samples with the above packaging utilizing first class mail service from the US postal service.

For 96-well and 384-well plates, the samples should be shipped on dry ice. Any type of plate can be sent, but please use very tight sealing caps or film, e.g. we recommend MicroAmp Clear Adhesive Film (Applied Biosystems, Inc.). Clearly label the side of the plate with: (1) your name, (2) current date, and (3) order number from dnaLIMS. Enclose the plate in bubble wrap or a box to protect the plate from physical damage as the shifting dry ice can easily break the plate which is brittle at these cold temperatures.  Place the protected plate(s) into a styrofoam container with dry ice. Seal and label the container according to the shipping company specifications as dry ice is a hazardous material. Freezing the samples is the only method that works effectively to keep aqueous samples from dehydrating or being cross contaminated during transit as there are no caps or films that seal tight enough to consistently prevent these events from occurring during the freezing/thawing, depressurization and jostling of air flight. Samples in plates can be sent dry after alcohol precipitation or vacuum evaporation, but there is loss of sample during dehydration and resuspension as well as concentration of contaminants. The above instructions are the result of years of experience, direct testing of various plastic ware/seals, and information from shipping companies.

Be sure to include a copy of the order form with your samples for proper identification upon arrival of the package at the Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility.

There is no delivery of packages to the Facility on Saturdays, Sundays, and Ohio State University holidays, so please plan accordingly.

Please use the address exactly as below:
Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility
Biological Sciences Bldg - Room 420
484 West 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210-1214