The Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility is a cost recovery unit at the Ohio State University. Fees may change, as costs (which are based upon salary, supplies and instrument service contract) dictate, but every effort will be made to provide quality service for the lowest price.

In order to support education, there is a 40% discount off the list price for all OSU classes.

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  1. DNA Sequencing (Sanger, Capillary)
  2. Genotyping
  3. SHAPE analysis
  4. Microplate Reader
  5. Promoter Characterization
  6. Real-time PCR
  7. Proteomics (2-D gel electrophoresis)
  8. Biomolecular Interaction Analysis
  9. Robotics (Liquid handling applications)
  10. Education (Tours, Lectures and Demonstrations)

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