Fees: Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

Client Categories

The three pricing categories are based upon the researchers' organization:

  • Ohio Public - Includes The Ohio State University, other public academic institutions in Ohio, and Ohio and Federal government institutions.
  • Academic - Includes all private academic institutions, all academic institutions outside of Ohio, and all non-profit institutions.
  • Private - All private companies, and all other organizations.     
Table. Biacore T100 fees
ServiceOhio PublicAcademicPrivate
Self use of T100, per day (8 hours)$200.00$220.00$240.00
Self use of T100, per day (4 hours)$100.00$110.00$120.00
Training Session, 1 - 2 clients**$240.00**$264.00**$288.00**
Labor, Consultation and/or Analysis, per hour$30.00$33.00$36.00

All consumables and reagents will be provided by the client except for the standard buffer, HBSN, which is used for instrument maintenance.

**This is in addition to the self use charges.