Fees: DNA Sequencing (Sanger, Capillary)

Client Categories

The three pricing categories are based upon the researchers' organization:

  • Ohio Public - Includes The Ohio State University, other public academic institutions in Ohio, and Ohio and Federal government institutions.
  • Academic - Includes all private academic institutions, all academic institutions outside of Ohio, and all non-profit institutions.
  • Private - All private companies, and all other organizations.     
DNA Sequencing Reaction Fees
ServiceOhio PublicAcademicPrivate
Single Reaction, Economy$6.00$7.00$8.00
Single Reaction, Standard###$10.00$12.00$15.00
Single Reaction, genomic DNA***$12.00$14.40$18.00
48-well plate%%%$288.00$316.80$345.60
96-well plate%%%$420.00$462.00$504.00
384-well plate%%%$1200.00$1320.00$1440.00
Electrophoresis only, 48-well plate+++$70.00$77.00$84.00
Electrophoresis only, 96-well plate+++$115.00$126.50$138.00


A reaction is defined as the combination of one template and one primer.

###  The single reaction format for standard and genomic DNA includes a guaranteed, free "no-fault" repeat reaction regardless of the problem if you are not satisfied with the results unless the QV20 score exceeds 800 bases, i.e. good results. A free repeat of a good result is at the discretion of the staff. We request that you consult a staff member before the reaction is repeated in order to determine the best procedure to solve the problem.

***  A reaction that sequences genomic bacterial DNA directly.

%%%  The Economy, 48-well, 96-well and 384-well formats do not include free repeats of the reactions., and will be processed at the facility in the same manner as the single reaction economy service.

+++  For "Electrophoresis only", the client provides the samples such that the DNA sequencing reaction (BigDye v 3.1) has been cleaned up and is in a plate approved by the Facility for use in the 3730 DNA Analyzer, for example purchase product #N8010560 from Applied Biosystems or ask for one at the Facility. For 48-well plates samples must be in odd columns. The samples will be injected onto the DNA Analyzer for analysis. Also, the Facility can purify the DNA sequencing extension products prior to analysis for an additional fee.