Fees: quantitative PCR

Client Categories

The three pricing categories are based upon the researchers' organization:

  • Ohio Public - Includes The Ohio State University, other public academic institutions in Ohio, and Ohio and Federal government institutions.
  • Academic - Includes all private academic institutions, all academic institutions outside of Ohio, and all non-profit institutions.
  • Private - All private companies, and all other organizations.     
Table. Real-time PCR Fees
ServiceOhio PublicAcademicPrivate
Run, per 96-well plate$45.00$49.50$54.00
Labor, Analysis and/or Consultation, per hour$30.00$33.00$36.00
Setup Run (Initial plate)###$80.00$88.00$96.80

Each Run includes the plate, the optical tape, and running the plate on the BioRad CFX96 real-time PCR system.  The staff will perform all necessary programing of the CFX96.

###  The Setup Run is the initial run or plate that a client analyzes at the Facility and includes: plate, optical tape, copy of the software, and up to two hours of training on the use of the software.