Fees: Promoter Characterization

Client Categories

The three pricing categories are based upon the researchers' organization:

  • Ohio Public - Includes The Ohio State University, other public academic institutions in Ohio, and Ohio and Federal government institutions.
  • Academic - Includes all private academic institutions, all academic institutions outside of Ohio, and all non-profit institutions.
  • Private - All private companies, and all other organizations.     
Table. Promoter Characterization Fees
ServiceOhio PublicAcademicPrivate
Electrophoresis Run, 1/2 96-well plate (1-48 samples)$70.00$77.00$84.00
Electrophoresis Run, full 96-well plate (49-96 samples)$115.00$126.50$138.00
Injection-only Run, 1/2 96-well plate***$30.00$33.00$36.00
Injection-only Run, full 96-well plate***$40.00$44.00$48.00
Size Standards, per capillary$0.20$0.20$0.20
DNA Sequencing Reaction, each$16.00$17.60$19.20
Gel Shift Assay, per gel$65.00$71.50$78.00
Consultation, Labor and/or Analysis, per hour%%%$30.00$33.00$36.00

A run is based on the number of capillaries used, 48 or 96, regardless of the number of genotype markers or DNA fragments analyzed in any given capillary.

***  An optimization run is performed after a standard electrophoresis run in the case of signal being too low or too high with the exact same plate in order to generate data with an appropriate signal.

%%%  The minimum charge per consultation and use is 1 hour, and charges accumulate by the 1/2 hour unit.

Examples of Typical Charges

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