SHAPE Analysis

Client Categories

The three pricing categories are based upon the researchers' organization:

  • Ohio Public - Includes The Ohio State University, other public academic institutions in Ohio, and Ohio and Federal government institutions.
  • Academic - Includes all private academic institutions, all academic institutions outside of Ohio, and all non-profit institutions.
  • Private - All private companies, and all other organizations.     
Table.  SHAPE Service fees
ServiceOhio PublicAcademicPrivate
Electrophoresis Run, 1/2  96-well plate (1-48 samples)$70.00$77.00$84.00
Electrophoresis Run, full 96-well plate (49-96 samples)$115.00$126.50$138.00
Injection-Only Run, 1/2  96-well plate***$30.00$33.00$36.00
Injection-Only Run, full 96-well plate***$40.00$44.00$48.00
Consultation, Analysis and/or Labor, by hour%%%$30.00$33.00$36.00
size standard, per capillary$0.20$0.20$0.20

A run is based on the number of capillaries used, 48 or 96, regardless of the number of markers or cDNA fragments analyzed in any given capillary.

***  An Injection-Only run is performed after a standard electrophoresis run in the case of signal being too low or too high, with the exact same plate, in order to generate data with an appropriate signal. Clients can choose this option if their samples and standards are submitted in an appropriate injection solution and a 3730 compatible plate.

%%%  The minimum charge per consultation and use is 1 hour, and charges accumulate by the 1/2 hour unit.