DNA Sequencing Resources

List of websites, pdf files and flash movies

If you have questions about the content of any of the websites, then please feel free to contact the staff at the Facility.

  1. Guide to interpreting the DNA Sequencing Electropherogram and  troubleshooting sequencing problems [pdf] (developed at the Facility)
  2. Explanation of Quality Values
  3. IUB Nucleotide Codes [pdf], i.e. base assignments in the sequence.
  4. Tools for assessing an oligonucleotide for Tm, self-annealing, binding locations in target, etc.
  5. Animation Library including DNA and DNA sequencing
  6. Explanation of Sanger /Dideoxy DNA sequencing
  7. A good general, broad and basic resource on DNA sequencing
  8. A resource for advice on trouble shooting automated, capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencing
  9. Why it is very difficult to measure your plasmid, or amplicon concentration accurately with a spectrophotometer?
  10. Difficult Templates with secondary structure?: improvement with Templiphi
  11. Humorous parable on fidelity
  12. Gahanna HS biology Lecture [pdf] and DNA Sequencing cartoon (Flash movie)

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