Instrument Resources

List of all Instruments in the Facility

Please inquire if any of these instruments below can be of help for any purpose, and we welcome opportunities to expand instrument applications and function.

Alphabetical Comprehensive Instrument List (updated 10/30/2015)

  • 2100 Bioanalyzer (1)
    • Function: Electrophoresis of DNA, RNA and protein on a chip
    • Service(s): all services
  • 3730 DNA Analzyer (1)
    Applied Biosystems
    • Function: automated, fluorescent capillary electrophoresis for detection of dye-labeled DNA
    • Service(s): DNA Sequencing, Genotyping, and Promoter Characterization
  • Auto T4 Cell Counter (1)
    • Function: automated counting of cells and particles by microscope
    • Service(s): miscellaneous
  • Biacore T100 (1)
    GE Health Sciences/Biacore
    • Function: real-time, label-free, for the measurement of interaction of biological molecules with surface plasmon resonance
    • Service(s): Biomolecular Interaction Analysis
  • Biomek FX (1)
    Beckman Coulter
    • Function: robotic, liquid handling system
    • Service(s); robotics and most services
  • CFX96 Real-time system (1)
    • Function: Quantitative detection in real-time of thermal cycling products, i.e. DNA, RNA and protein
    • Service(s): Real-time PCR
  • Criterion Blotter Cell (1)
    • Function: transfer of proteins from gel to membrane for Western blot analysis
    • Service(s): Proteomics
  • Criterion Cell (4)
    • Function: gel rig for electrophoretic separation of protein and DNA with polyacrylamide
    • Service(s): Proteomics and Promoter Characterization
  • GeneAmp PCR System 9700 (1)
    Applied Biosystems
    • Function: thermal cycling incubator for dual 394-well plates
    • Service(s); DNA sequencing and Genotyping
  • iCycler (5)
    • Function: thermal cycling incubator
    • Service(s): many services
  • Protean IEF cell (1)
    • Function: separation of proteins by isoelectric focusing
    • Service(s): Proteomics
  • Qubit Fluorometer (1)
    • Function: fluorometer for the measurement of DNA, RNA and protein concentration
    • Service(s): many services
  • Spectrafluor Plus (1)
    • Function: microplate reader that measures fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence with a variety of wavelengths
    • Service(s): Microplate Reader and other services
  • TissueLyser II (1)
    • Function: rapid shaker for disruption of cells and tissues
    • Service(s): Massively Parallel Pyrosequencing
  • VersaDoc Imaging System (1)
    • Function: Imaging of gels by wide range of wavelengths for the detection of fluorescence, absorbance and chemiluminescence
    • Service(s): Proteomics and Promoter Characterization
  • Z1 Coulter Counter (1)
    Beckman Coulter
    • Function: automated counting of small particles by charge disruption through a current
    • Service(s): Massively Parallel Pyrosequencing