Real-time PCR Resources

Below is a List of websites, pdf files and flash movies that contain useful information. If you have questions about the content of any of the websites, then please feel free to contact the staff at the Facility.

Real-time quantitative PCR


  1. Basics of Quantitative Real-time PCR  (a good general guide with a lot of  summary information)
  2. Explanation of quantitative real-time PCR utilizing a Taqman/Exonuclease assay
  3. Tool  for assessing  an oligonucleotide for Tm, self-annealing, binding locations in target, etc.
  4. MIQE Guidelines (Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments) [pdf]
  5. The uber quantitative real-time PCR web resource, although very compact and possibly confusing
  6.  Top Ten Pitfalls [pdf] for real-time qPCR from Ambion/li>

Bio-Rad Information

  1. CFX96 Real-Time Detection System manual [pdf file]
  2. Real-time PCR: General Considerations [pdf file]
  3. Guide to designing primers and probes: Taqman and Molecular Beacon [pdf file]

Qiagen Bulletins:

  1. Qiagen SYBR Green Manual [pdf file]

Applied Biosystems Bulletins:

  1. Guide to designing Taqman probe [pdf file]
  2. Consumables for real-time PCR (including figures that demonstrate how Taqman probes and SYBR Green work) [pdf file]

High Resolution Melt Analysis

Bio-Rad Information

  1. Handbook on High Resolution Melt Analysis [pdf]

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