Microplate Reader

Microplate Reader Description

test tubeThe Facility has a SpectraFluor Plus (Tecan) that can measure the absorbance, fluorescence, and glow luminescence from samples in a 96-well or a 384-well plate.

The plate reader has the ability to:

  • measure from 230 to 700nm with the appropriate filter.
  • incubate the plate from room temperature up to 42C.
  • shake the plate in a linear or orbital manner
  • perform timed measurements for kinetic analysis

Currently the reader has the following band pass filters, but additional filters can be purchased if the need arises:

  • Absorbance: 260, 280, 405, 340, 450, 492, 540, 620, 650nm.
  • Excitation or Emission: 360, 430, 465, 485, 535, 590, 595, 635nm.

The client brings in the samples/plates, and the staff will run the instrument at the client's direction. This is typically done while the client is present since results are immediate. For example, the concentration of 96 samples of PCR product can be measured by fluorescence in combination with fluorescent dye kit or various enzyme assays can be performed. So if you think this instrument can be of use to your research, then please contact the Facility about its capabilities and how we can help.

Order and Instrument Reservation

How to order service:

  1. Contact us at pmgf@osu.edu or 614-247-6204 to place an order and schedule an appointment.

How to obtain results

Results (excel file) will be sent to the client by email soon after completing the work on the instrument.