robotThe Facility provides a robotic liquid handling service through the Beckman Biomek FX instrument. In addition to its role as a complex liquid handler, the Biomek FX is also a biochemistry workstation. This robot has a 96-tip head for liquid handling and a set of gripper arms to move objects around its 20 position deck. Essentially it can do anything you can do with a pipette, but 96-tips at a time.



In addition to places for tubes, tips, and fluid reservoirs the deck has:

  1. A vacuum manifold system for purifying and concentrating procedures
  2. A tip wash station to reduce costs
  3. Two areas for incubating plates at 4 - 75C
  4. A plate shaker.

Sample List of Programs:

  • Purify plasmid from 96 bacterial cultures by SeqPrep 96 HP kit.
  • Copy bacterial libraries.
  • Set up PCR reactions in eight 384-well plates simultaneously.
  • Purify PCR products in 96- or 384-well plates.
  • Analyze 96-PCR products or plasmids simultaneously by agarose electrophoresis.

The robot is primarily for supporting the services at the facility, but this liquid handling platform can be used for functions other than those required by the Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility. So if you think it can be of use to your research, then please contact the facility about its capabilities as we have created many custom programs to support research at OSU.

Example of the BiomekFX at work.

Order and Instrument Reservation

  1. In order to reserve the instrument please contact the Facility by phone (614-247-6204) or email ( to request a date and time.
  2. Once a time and date has been confirmed place an order by logging into dnaLIMS (or create an account if you have not done so).
  3. Place the order
    1. Click on the "other services" tab
    2. Click on "robotics" Order Form and follow the instructions